The Map Model

Highly Supportive

Map Academy is firmly committed to cultivating a school culture that is unlike the traditional model—one that recognizes that students will enter the doors of our school each day carrying their own burdens and understands that social-emotional needs must be met in order for academic learning to occur. Map Academy will have high expectations for all students, but we will also provide high levels of support, both of which are crucial components of our overall school design.

Map Academy will address the physical, social, and emotional needs of our students through our student-centered approach, and will leverage community partnerships to provide intense wraparound supports, such as personalized attendance outreach, home visits, individual and group counseling, and a dedication to putting students first to ensure they develop the skills and confidence required for academic and social independence.  Every student at Map Academy will have a web of support, with their Advisor at the center and all other staff members playing integral roles along the way. Map Academy is committed to facilitating connections to the resources our students and families need to be successful in school and life.


Our philosophy is to be patient with students who are not quite ready and those who have too much going on in their lives to make school their first priority. We work to keep students engaged until they begin making efficient progress to and through graduation. Instead of driving them away, we provide them with more support to keep them emotionally safe and engaged with school until they mature and develop resiliency, and their progress accelerates.

We believe that students must feel nurtured by and connected to our staff and school so that they enter our doors with hope for their future and understand that it is within their power to achieve high levels of academic and personal success.

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Students have a unique experience at Map Academy, and we invite you to check out a sampling of it at one of our Open Houses. Here, you will see the facility, get a sense of how the space allows for the student-centered, flexible model at Map, and have your questions answered by one of our staff.

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