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What we expect from you, and what you can expect from us

Map Academy students earn their full high school diploma.
Their path to get there looks a little different.

Many of the Map Academy students who arrive at our doors have become disillusioned with their high school experience. They are unsure what to expect, and unwilling to accept the old structures and culture they previously experienced. While Map Academy students are held to the same standards and requirements to earn their high school diploma that all Massachusetts students are, the pathway there is designed for each student to succeed in ways that work for them. Right down to the design of our building, Map Academy puts students at the center.

Explore Our Space

Map Academy was designed with students at the center — from the schedule, to the curriculum, to the space itself. We invite you to take a virtual tour. You will find that it is very different from how you have experienced high school in the past.

The Education Disruption Podcast

Education Disruption is the story of how high school can be done differently by placing students at the center. We share stories of students and staff, stories of our model and its development, and stories of our plans for the future.

Meet the Map Community

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Students have a unique experience at Map Academy, and we invite you to check out a sampling of it at one of our Open Houses. Here, you will see the facility, get a sense of how the space allows for the student-centered, flexible model at Map, and have your questions answered by one of our staff.

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