Leadership & Staff

Rachel Babcock

Co-Director & Co-Founder

Rachel Babcock is Co-Founder & Co-Director of Map Academy. As a school founder, Rachel has expertise in new school design, competency-based assessment, administration, dropout prevention and reengagement, alternative pathways, career development education, social-emotional learning, literacy intervention, and building rapport and cultivating change with high risk adolescents. In her previous role as Coordinator of Alternative Programs for Plymouth Public Schools, Rachel was instrumental in the rapid expansion of the alternative programs, which quadrupled in enrollment in five years through intensive dropout prevention and reengagement efforts. In addition to managing day to day operations of that Alternative program, and while working on plans for Map Academy, Rachel played a visionary role in long term strategic planning and implementation, including scheduling, budget development, hiring, accountability measurements, and cultivating a range of key community partnerships. Additionally, Rachel has fifteen years of instructional experience as a middle and high school ELA teacher, and she is also an experienced Instructional Coach & Literacy Intervention Specialist. Throughout her career, Rachel has been an advocate for high risk youth. She has always been passionate about opening a school where all students can thrive.

Rachel holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Rochester and a Master’s Degree from Boston University. Rachel earned National Board Certification as an English teacher, and is MA certified as a Principal/Assistant Principal.  Rachel is also a DESE endorsed SEI teacher and Administrator. Rachel also serves on DESE’s guiding coalition for the Massachusetts Dropout Prevention and Reengagement Network.

Previously, Rachel was the recipient of the Massachusetts DOE Attracting Excellence to Teaching Grant and was a Massachusetts Master Teacher. She was a Founding member of the Marshfield Education Foundation, served as its Grant Team Chairperson, and played a leadership role in the New Marshfield High School Campaign Committee.

Josh Charpentier

Co-Director & Co-Founder

Josh Charpentier is one of the Co-Directors & Co-Founders of Map Academy, and the former Director of Alternative Programs for the Plymouth Public Schools. Josh has expertise in all aspects of alternative education administration, including budgeting to maximize resources, facilitating dialogue, garnering support from key stakeholders, and cultivating a positive and productive school climate for students and staff. In addition to teaching physical education and health, Josh has extensive experience in alternative education program development and implementation. After playing a key role on the administrative team at Resiliency Preparatory School in Fall River, he was hired in Plymouth to expand alternative education options to accommodate rapidly increasing demand. Under his leadership, enrollment grew from 22 students in 2012 to over 100 students in 2016. Josh is committed to continuing to develop long-term, financially sustainable pathways to prepare high-risk students for postsecondary success and is passionate about rethinking how school is done.

While playing varsity baseball at Springfield College, Josh played on several elite teams, including an All-USA college team which played in Europe, and taught at the Springfield School of Baseball. Josh has utilized the leadership skills, dedication, and ability to perform while failing more than succeeding that he honed playing college baseball to assume significant administrative responsibilities on a small staff serving an expanding enrollment of high-risk youth.

Josh holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Springfield College and a Master’s Degree from Bridgewater State University. He holds MA licensure as a Principal/Assistant Principal and Physical Education teacher.

Mike Balaschi

Wraparound Co-Lead / Social Worker

“My roadmap to Map included working in a public school system and community with incredibly unique young people that have inspired me to make a positive impact in the world.”

Joseph Colangeli

Math Teacher

“I came to Map to take a more active role in addressing the shortcomings apparent in a vast majority of public schools, and to ensure students who our education system failed get the chance at success they deserve.”

Catherine Collins

Special Education Teacher

“Students today have to balance an extraordinary number of factors and challenges in their social, academic, and personal lives. It has long been time to give students alternate, autonomous routes to academic fulfillment.”

Marcy Curtis

Student Services Co-Lead / Science & Special Education Teacher

“I came to Map because I wanted to make a difference and help students find their path.”

Ashley Cubellis

Experiential Learning Coordinator

“I found my way here because I wanted to impact the lives of students in a more meaningful way.”

Anré Dowell

Community Support Partner

“I was inspired to join Map to help change the status quo and to help kids reach their full potential.”

Avia Ferrande

Special Education & Humanities Teacher

“A strong school can change your outlook on the world, while growing your own self confidence. Doing high school differently can give all kids access to both, and that’s why I came to Map.”

Abigail Herrmann

Math Teacher

“Traditional high schools often set up students who struggle for failure. I want to change that.”

Shawn Kain

Student Services Co-Lead / Special Education Teacher & Academic Case Manager

“I was inspired to join Map because this work has changed my life. I have learned so much from my students over the years. Map Academy is a beacon for the alternative education community. It is an honor to find my way here.”

Stephanie King

Pathways Coordinator

“As a proud graduate of an alternative high school program, the opportunity to differentiate from the one-size-fits-all education model resonates with me. I have found my way to an environment, team and community which empowers students to learn, explore and achieve with an array of opportunities.”

Michael Lehman

Humanities Teacher

“To me, high school is an imperfect system that hasn’t really changed in years and years. As the world progresses and grows and students garner new needs, I think that it’s important schools adapt in the same way. Map Academy offers students a more personalized learning environment and education which equips them better for post high school life.”

Emma Machado

Math Teacher

“Every student is unique and deserves the means and opportunity to be successful. At Map Academy, I believe that there is the capability to make this dream a reality.”

Ryan McLaughlin

Student Services Co-Lead / Special Education Teacher & Academic Case Manager

“The most important thing I learned in high school was how to be accountable for my mistakes and how to work hard for every opportunity that was presented to me.”

Alec Provo

Special Education & Humanities Teacher

“I found my way here because I strongly connect with Map’s philosophy of putting student connection and engagement at the forefront.”

Heather Sears

School Nurse

“I found my way to Map Academy because my previous life experiences and those of people around me have made me realize we need better high school options.”

Steven Sell

Teaching & Learning Co-Lead / Humanities Teacher

“I found my way to Map because I have been searching for a school that is serious about disrupting the status quo and the traditional system that pushes far too many young people to the margins and silences their potential. As a society we cannot continue to do school the same way. To do so only perpetuates the inequitable patterns and realities plaguing our country today.”

Shiobhan Sylvia

Humanities Teacher

“Once I discovered Map Academy, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Students who have had a hard time in traditional schools should not be punished by not receiving an education.”

Marisol Tua Sanchez


“My high school experience was difficult. My life at home was a little chaotic and high school was not always peaceful. I found my way to Map thanks to someone in my life that inspired me and always pushed me to do more.”

Maxanne Wordell

Wraparound Co-Lead / Social Worker

“I was always disappointed in the way I heard other professionals speaking to and about children and families they worked with – negative, blaming, and condescending. I feel so lucky to be a part of a community now that embraces each individual for their strengths exactly as they are.”

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