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Map Academy is a charter public high school located in Plymouth, MA, designed to serve students for whom traditional school has not worked, including youth who have dropped out or are at risk of leaving school without a diploma. Map Academy offers a flexible, student-centered experience rooted in a culture that amplifies student strengths, acknowledges life’s realities, helps students navigate them, and sets each student on a path to graduate ready for life after high school.



We believe:

  • There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all education.
  • School should not ignore the realities in students’ lives that may hold them back from academic progress.
  • All students can succeed with the right resources and support, even those who have struggled in the past.
  • Learning does not start and stop when bells ring.
  • All students can achieve at high levels and should be held to high standards.
  • School is about learning, exploring, and achieving, not ranking, complying, and competing.


The Commons

  • Last day of school update

    It’s a strange feeling to have a last day of school in the middle of an extended closure, but we’re proud of the incredible resilience of our school community—and we’re … more

  • Virtual Student Center Launch

    In order to support our Map Academy students during the current school closure, we have created a new section of our website called the Virtual Student Center. Here, students can … more

  • Map Academy Update – March 20, 2020

    Please see this video update for details about the current school closure & ways students can continue to make progress remotely. Co-Directors Update – March 20, 2020 more

  • Map Academy Community Update – 3/16/20

    Please see this update for details for about operations during the current school closure. Map Academy Community Update 3-16-20 more

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