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Map Academy is a charter public high school located in Plymouth, MA, designed to serve students for whom traditional school has not worked, including youth who have dropped out or are at risk of leaving school without a diploma. Map Academy offers a flexible, student-centered experience rooted in a culture that amplifies student strengths, acknowledges life’s realities, helps students navigate them, and sets each student on a path to graduate ready for life after high school.



We believe:

  • There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all education.
  • School should not ignore the realities in students’ lives that may hold them back from academic progress.
  • All students can succeed with the right resources and support, even those who have struggled in the past.
  • Learning does not start and stop when bells ring.
  • All students can achieve at high levels and should be held to high standards.
  • School is about learning, exploring, and achieving, not ranking, complying, and competing.



  • Fall Schedule Options Survey

    Thank you to all of our students and families who have provided input about our reopening plans. We are moving forward with a plan to open with a hybrid of … more

  • Updated 2020-2021 School Calendar

    The school calendar has been updated in order to provide additional time for staff training to plan for a safe reopening. The updated first day of school for students will … more

  • August 2020 Enrollment Update

    Map Academy is currently fully enrolled, but as always, we continue to accept applications for any spots that may open during the 2020-2021 school year. Students who apply before Tuesday, … more

  • Map Academy Preliminary Reopening Plan

    Map Academy undertook a feasibility study that included analysis of our ability to implement COVID-19 safety protocols, as well as a close study of our facility and surveys of staff, … more

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