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Josh Charpentier

Co-director & Co-founder

Josh Charpentier is the Director of Alternative Programs for the Plymouth Public Schools and one of the proposed Co-Directors of Map Academy at Plymouth. Josh has expertise in all aspects of alternative education administration, including budgeting to maximize resources, facilitating dialogue, garnering support from key stakeholders, and cultivating a positive and productive school climate for students and staff. In addition to teaching physical education and health, Josh has extensive experience in alternative education program development and implementation. After playing a key role on the administrative team at Resiliency Preparatory School in Fall River, he was hired in Plymouth to expand alternative education options to accommodate rapidly increasing demand. Under his leadership, enrollment has grown from 22 students in 2012 to over 100 students in 2016. Josh is committed to continuing to develop long-term, financially sustainable pathways to prepare high-risk students for postsecondary success, and is passionate about making Map Academy a reality.

While playing varsity baseball at Springfield College, Josh played on several elite teams, including an All-USA college team which played in Europe, and taught at the Springfield School of Baseball. During his tenure at Resiliency Preparatory School, Josh utilized leadership skills and dedication honed playing baseball to assume significant administrative responsibilities on a small staff serving an expanding enrollment of high risk urban youth.

Josh holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Springfield College and a Master’s Degree from Bridgewater State University. He holds MA licensure as a Principal/Assistant Principal and Physical Education teacher.

In Josh’s off time he enjoys golfing, baseball, traveling, and spending time with his wife and two young children.