Why Map?

To provide a choice for students who have lost their way

Serving high school students in the greater Plymouth area.

Plymouth and the surrounding area lack a free, public option for youth who have disengaged from or dropped out of mainstream schools. When students on the South Shore are on the verge of walking away from school they have extremely limited options. These students often feel alienated from the educational system that was designed to help them. The stakes are high, as these kids walk a tightrope; for them, giving up is a perpetual temptation. Map Academy is designed for these students who often lose their way in traditional high schools.

Map Academy is an approved regional charter school designed to serve students who have had trouble connecting, engaging, and attending school. As the only free public high school in the region specifically tailored to the unique needs of off track youth, Map Academy will provide a new option. With a flexible, student-centered approach, uncompromising academics, intense wraparound supports and a dedication to putting students first, Map Academy will meet students where they are and ensure they develop the knowledge, skills and confidence required for academic and personal success.

We specifically chose Plymouth as the location for Map Academy because of this acute need and our professional roots in Plymouth. In designing Map Academy, we have reimagined high school to meet the increased demand for alternative, high-quality pathways to high school graduation.

Failing to serve this sector poses severe consequences for Plymouth and the surrounding region. According to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s The Impact of Dropping out: Summary of Research Findings, the lifetime earnings of high school dropouts are approximately $456,000 less than those of high school graduates and $1.5 million less than those with bachelor’s degrees. Additionally, society incurs approximately $275,000 in costs for each dropout over the course of his or her lifetime. Such societal costs stem from lost wages, increased incarceration rates, health issues, and increased need for social services.

In our ongoing work with off-track youth, the theme of their experiences is consistent. They feel overwhelmed by life both in and out of school and disengaged from the education they want and know that they need. Well-intentioned policies, structures and curriculum delivery of traditional high schools drive too many of them away. These are the kids who most need our support, those whose struggles in and out of school make success a steep uphill climb. They need and deserve more. Map Academy is designed for them.

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Students have a unique experience at Map Academy, and we invite you to check out a sampling of it at one of our Open Houses. Here, you will see the facility, get a sense of how the space allows for the student-centered, flexible model at Map, and have your questions answered by one of our staff.

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