Special Education Parent Advisory Council

Welcome to the Map Academy’s Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) website. This site was created to provide useful information to parents/guardians who are interested in learning more about our SEPAC.

The Map Academy Special Education Parent Advisory Council (MSEPAC) is made up of interested parents whose children receive special education support services. As well, the Map Academy SEPAC invites all parents of students attending Map to consider attending our meetings. Meetings will be held regularly with dates and times to be announced on this website. Our goal is to provide information and guidance to our high school parents who would like more information relative to special education, access to general education programming, and related topics which impact their student’s life. As a new school, we are just getting started this year. We aim to secure parent membership to help support the requirements of a SEPAC as well as to support topics of interest for high school age students attending Map Academy.

Contact Ryan McLaughlin at rmclaughlin@themapacademy.org or 508-830-9500.

Upcoming meetings:

April 8 at 5:30 PM – Our agenda will be to provide attendees information reflective of the Massachusetts special education regulations (this parent workshop is an annual requirement of Special Education Parent Advisory Councils in Massachusetts). Post this Parents’ Rights workshop, our goal is to elect officers and to begin the process of creating By-Laws for our SEPAC.