Our Team

The Map team has been working with off-track youth for years, and the theme of their experience is consistent. Students frequently feel overwhelmed by life both in and out of school and disengaged from the learning experience that they crave, yet are often targeted by inflexible policies and dated notions of “progress” and “achievement.” These are the students—a growing number of students nationally—who most need our support: students whose struggle in and out of school make success a steep uphill climb. They need and deserve more. The founders of Map Academy have deep roots in Plymouth and are invested in creating a high-quality option to better serve these students.

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Students have a unique experience at Map Academy, and we invite you to check out a sampling of it at one of our Open Houses. Here, you will see the facility, get a sense of how the space allows for the student-centered, flexible model at Map, and have your questions answered by one of our staff.

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