Origin Story

Map Academy was founded on the belief that all students can succeed, and the help they need to get there looks different for everyone. Our name was born at the beginning of our journey to bring a new school model to the Plymouth region. We could identify on a map of the area each student who had dropped out of high school, enrolled in an alternative program, or who was at risk of doing either. In 2015, when Map Academy was an idea in search of a home, that map had 398 dots on it, dots representing real kids, their families, and their hopes for a different pathway towards a diploma.

We had to do something.

As leaders of the Alternative High School Program at Plymouth Public Schools, we saw the limitations and shortcomings of the traditional model and the available alternatives. The traditional school model serves some kids, but not all kids. We set out to reimagine high school.

For the kids that drop out or want another option, Map Academy is here. We opened our doors in September 2018 to 130 students in search of that new option. Here, we put students at the center of their own learning journey. Students come to Map with the goal of a high school diploma and we provide the resources they need to get there as well as to prepare for successful lives after graduation.


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