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Our Plan

High School Reimagined

Map Academy is a Commonwealth Charter school approval by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education opening in September of 2018.

Map Academy is slated to open in September 2018. We are currently in the midst of an intense planning year that includes staff and student recruitment, facility planning and development, fundraising and budgeting, and building the infrastructure that will be needed to operate the school once it opens.

inset1We believe that all students deserve the opportunity to achieve success in school and life. However, the confines of traditional high school settings largely prevent such success for at-risk students. For these students, a proactive, individualized plan with multiple points for assessment of academic, emotional, and social growth is a necessity. In our extensive experience with vulnerable youth, we know that if given the choice, most would elect to attend a school that affords flexibility and provides support rather than drop out. Map Academy will provide that option for these students in the greater Plymouth area, and as we design this school we want to be deliberate in ensuring that we do it well.

The vision of Map Academy is to be a haven for disconnected and underserved students, and to empower them toward high school graduation and beyond. We envision a community-infused commonwealth charter school which shifts the paradigm from competition to collaboration to provide more opportunities for greater Plymouth’s most vulnerable students by creating a model that can be replicated in other large suburban and urban fringe districts.

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