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Do you have passion and drive to be a positive force in the world? The Map Academy Fellowship is a new and exciting opportunity for college graduates interested in careers in education, social work, policy, or counseling. We are looking for candidates with diverse interests, skills and experiences. You do not need to be a certified teacher, social worker or counselor to apply for this position, but you should have an open mind and the desire to play a pivotal role in the lives of youth who have not found success in other environments.

Map Academy’s faculty and staff are open-minded, forward-thinking, collaborative lifelong learners who thrive in a fast-paced, iterative atmosphere.


As our school grows, Map Academy is recruiting a team of exceptional people who are:

  • Outside-the-box, entrepreneurial thinkers drawn to the amazing opportunity to help us build an innovative high school from the ground up.
  • Passionate about working with youth who have been failed by traditional systems, and
  • Compelled to disrupt the status quo in order to help all students thrive.


Map Academy–a unique public high school in Plymouth, Massachusetts–is founded on the belief that every student can succeed. For far too many youth, however, one theme is consistent: they feel overwhelmed by life, both in and out of school and disengaged from the education they want and know that they need. Well-intentioned policies, structures, and curriculum delivery models used in traditional high schools drive too many students away from possibility.  They are looking for relevance, for meaning, and for hope. These are the youth who most need our support; those whose struggles in and out of school make success a steep uphill climb. They need and deserve more. Map Academy is designed for them.


In creating Map Academy, we put students at the center of every choice and designed a school flexible enough to meet students where they are when they enroll, and personalized enough to increase expectations as they develop the academic, personal, and social tools they need for success in high school and life after graduation.


Competency-based, student-centered, and trauma sensitive, Map Academy is a haven for disconnected and underserved students who have disengaged from their education. Student-centered academics, a highly supportive culture, and career development opportunities equip students with the knowledge, mindsets, and skills to meet the high standards necessary for postsecondary education and meaningful employment.


Job Requirements

Map Academy Fellows will:


  • Play a pivotal role as an Anchor adult for a group of approximately 15 students. The Anchor’s responsibility is to build positive mentoring relationships with students while providing academic support, daily progress monitoring and coaching to build motivation and engagement, supporting students as they work toward their goals.
  • Provide small group or 1:1 tutoring, coaching and instruction primarily in social skills, math, science, or literacy and work to foster the habits and dispositions in students critical to success in life.
  • Assist teachers/counselors with classroom logistics, attendance outreach, and other tasks throughout the day.
  • Coordinate with teachers and leadership to monitor student progress and update families.
  • Attend school-wide events, including family nights and evening celebrations, and support faculty and staff with organizing activities, and other duties.
  • Participate in regular meetings and planning sessions related to using data to personalize and improve instruction with content and studio teams.
  • Participate in summer and school year professional development sessions.

Visit our website–– for more information about the Map Academy model, support we have received, and our vision for the future.


  • Bachelor’s Degree required. All majors welcome. Teaching/counseling license not required.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and build relationships with students, families and colleagues.
  • Sense of humor and relentless optimism to bring joy to challenging work.
  • Positive worldview and desire to cultivate success in students who have disengaged from or dropped out of other educational environments.
  • An innovative spirit, growth mindset and the confidence to embrace the challenge of creating a totally new high school.
  • An open mind that embraces learning and collaboration and willingness to absorb feedback in order to continually improve.
  • Ability to inspire, motivate, and build relationships with a wide variety of students, families, community members, and peers.
  • Persistence, zeal, humor, and an entrepreneurial spirit that will make you an important part of a new mission-driven school.
  • The belief that every student can succeed, along with the drive and patience to provide relentless support to help students overcome barriers and forge pathways to success.
  • The confidence to be a role model and the humility to understand the weight of that responsibility.
  • Ability to take initiative, go above and beyond expectations to achieve exceptional outcomes and results.
  • Exhibit calmness under pressure, and resilience in overcoming setbacks.
  • Thrive in a fast-paced, iterative atmosphere in which failures are opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Must be willing to comply with a fingerprint-supported criminal background check.

Sign up for an open house

Students have a unique experience at Map Academy, and we invite you to check out a sampling of it at one of our Open Houses. Here, you will see the facility, get a sense of how the space allows for the student-centered, flexible model at Map, and have your questions answered by one of our staff.

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